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According to the Customer's requests, SPARC, AO performs a turnkey upgrade of the helicopters:

  • Installation of up-to-date communication, flight and navigation, search and rescue (SAR), special, and utility equipment of Russian and foreign origin
  • Upgrade of the previously installed equipment
  • Integration of new equipment with the previously installed systems
  • Upgrade and conversion of aircraft at the Customer's facility around the globe
  • Development of operational, design and process documentation
  • Approval from the aircraft designer
  • Training of engineering and technical staff as well as flight personnel.

Communication, flight and navigation equipment:

  • INMARSAT-standard satellite-aided tracking systems
  • Russian and foreign-made communication, navigation and identification means
  • Terrain awareness warning systems
  • New generation weather radars
  • Modification for piloting at night and under adverse weather conditions

Search and rescue (SAR) equipment:

  • Searchlights
  • Integrated communication systems
  • Emergency radio beacons
  • Emergency data recording systems
  • Medical modules.

Special equipment:

  • External auxiliary fuel tanks
  • External load
  • Electric hoist
  • Water discharge devices
  • Passive protection systems
  • Installation of cutting-edge flight engineer and passenger seats

  • Exhaust-heat shields.

Conversion of a passenger cabin into a VIP version

  • Conversion to VIP and convertible versions
  • Development and production of executive-class passenger cabins based on an individual design
  • Installation of up-to-date air-conditioning systems
  • Installation of satellite communication systems and electronics;
  • Repair of passenger cabins.

Our Customer receives:

  • Extended functional capabilities of the Mi-8/Mi-17 platforms
  • Improved flight safety level
  • Enhanced comfort when piloting
  • Upgrade of the equipment to comply with the up-to-date international aviation standards.