Spare parts supply and technical support

Maintenance and technical support

SPARC, AO is ready to provide the Customer with the services to settle any issue related to the operation, overhaul or maintenance of the Mi-8/Mi-17, Ka-27, and Ka-32 series helicopters within a few days.

Assistance can be provided both by performance of the works by the specialists of SPARC, AO, and by consultations, delivery of spare parts and other services enabling the Customer to maintain the airworthiness of his aircraft fleet:

  • Maintenance of the Mi-8/Mi-17, Ka-27, and Ka-32 helicopters of all series and versions
  • Delivery of aggregates, spare parts, equipment and materials, and maintenance kits
  • Technical support of the helicopter operation
  • Technical consultations of the Customer's specialists
  • Supply of documentation
  • Warranty support of the helicopter operation
  • Arrangement and performance of works to extend the service life and calendar time of the helicopters and aggregates in cooperation with the designer.

Supply of spare parts

SPARC, AO offers the Customer supply of aggregates, spare parts, and consumables for the helicopter overhaul.

When supplying spare parts and materials, SPARC, AO is ready to provide the authenticity certificate issued by the OEMs of the respective aviation goods. To ensure the supply of the items and spare parts, SPARC company has direct contracts with the OEMs (or their accredited companies) of the said products.

In the course of work SPARC, AO provides the required logistics support in the supply of spare parts and materials.