The system is designed to measure a relative position of blade tips when checking the main rotor blades tracking at helicopters with number of blades between two and eight using a contact-free method when on ground and in flight.

The system includes:

the БСГ camera head unit


power supply unit 220/20 V

simulator unit

a set of wiring harnesses

memory card (SD-card)

cover of the camera head unit

CD with installation software package (bilingual interface – Russian and English)

a set of operational publication


The camera head unit is designed to generate a video signal from the helicopter main rotor blade tips, mathematical processing of the video signal, displaying of online image of the blades and coordinates, as save the measurement results.

The bracket is designed to mount the camera head unit on helicopter, and position the unit to the blade edges.

Power supply unit 220/20 V is designed to invert DC 20 V, and transfer this voltage to the simulator unit. The power supply unit is used in laboratory during the scheduled works only.

The simulator unit is used to test operability of the item, and to check and calibrate it (at manufacturer’s facility).

Structurally, the system is designed as a portable testing system.

Overall view of the SPARC-KONUS-M system

1. Camera head unit.

2. Bracket.

3. Simulator unit.

4. Power supply unit 220/20 V.

5. Set of wiring harnesses.

Software of the system is designed to:

 provide a user-friendly interface to monitor the checks, and display the results of testing

 Maintain database of the tests

 develop reports after the tests, and print them.