KPK-4M test system

The test system is designed for scheduled works onboard the Mi-8/Mi-17/Mi-171/Mi-172 type helicopters in charge of the АП-34Б Series 2 electrohydraulic autopilot. The test system consists of the following:

 control panel, 6С2.390.007-3 item

 control unit, 6С2.399.000 item

 pitch and roll gyro, 6С2.553.002 item

 yaw rate gyro, 1209К item

 roll rate gyro, 1209Г item

 pitch rate gyro, 1209Е item

 amplifier unit, 1479В item

 zero indicator ИН-4 ТУ 1232

 altitude controller, КВ-11.

The following can be installed in the helicopter: the БС-34-1 coupler unit, the БФ 34 filter unit, and the КЗСП IAS controller.

The test system allows performance of the following type of tests:

 residual signal test

 gain test

 slaving rate test

 roll gyro gain test

 angle gain test

 altitude gain test

 angular velocity gain test

 Wy PI-device gain test (for autopilot with the БС-34 coupler unit)

 airspeed gain test.

The test systems allows replacement of outdated 6С2.702.007 test panel from the set of the ПАА-34Б test system.

When testing, the test system performs the following functions:

 generates the required combinations of test signals

 supplies the test signals to inputs of an object under test

 records the output signals from the object under test

 determines compliance of the measured values with the specifications stated in reference publications

 develops a report on condition of the object under test.

Software of the КПК 4М test system is used to save the results of tests received during the scheduled works, and to develop and print the reports.

The test system in introduced into the list of special measurements of civil aviation (рRegistration Certificate No. 236-06-2011).

Structurally, the system is designed as a portable testing system.

The test system includes the following:

 case to store and carry the test system, wiring harnesses and operating publications

 control unit

 measuring unit

 a set of wiring harnesses to connect the devices under test

 Test panel (with wiring harness) for annual certification.

Overall view of the КПК-4М test system