UPG-8 turntable for testing of gyroscopic equipment

Description of the UPG-8 turntable for testing of gyroscopic equipment

The turntable is designed to check and test the gyroscopic instruments, and supports their longitudinal and lateral tilt angles, rotation and swinging. It can be used both autonomously with a control panel and as a part of the KPK-8 test bench.

The UPG-8 turntable consists of three basic units:

 Control panel

 Control unit

 Turn unit.

The turntable is controlled by means of the control panel that selects and displays parameters and condition of the turntable.

The control panel counteracts with the control unit.

The control unit converts signals of the control panel for turn unit as well as it support power supply of the turntable.

The turn unit provides positioning of the instrument under test by means of a test table (rotating disc). The test table varies its angle position relative to fixed and horizontally located mount.

Software installed in the control panel provides a user-friendly interface, controls the tests and displays results of a test.

There is a Hold button (red) on the control panel for a case of emergency. Pressing the button stops movement of the testing unit immediately.

a) Turn unit and control panel

b) Control unit

Overall view of the UPG-8 turntable

Description of the KP-8 swivel

The swivel is designed to give turn angles around the longitudinal (roll angle) and lateral (pitch angle) axes of the equipment under test.

The swivel includes:


 adaptor plates for different types of the instruments

 three installation screws

 four attachment screws with nuts.

The swivel can be used separately or jointly with the turntables. Mount an instrument in a hole of the adaptor plate, and attach it by the screws. Restrain the plate on the swivel by means of two clamps on the inner ring.

Overall view of the KP-8 swivel

Overall view of the adaptor plate for mounting the instruments