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SPARC, AO is one of the oldest aviation repair companies of Russia. Its history remembers significant events related to the development of the Russian aviation and the history of our State.

Today’s aviation cannot exist without the application of state-of-the-art technologies during production, maintenance and overhaul of aircraft. That is why our company was the first in the industry to start a full-scale upgrade process of our production facilities with new-generation test benches and systems in 2007. All this equipment has been created by the NPO SPARC, AO.

The main objective of NPO SPARC, AO is the design of advanced developments and their introduction into the process of maintenance and overhaul of aviation engineering, as well as training of personnel.

Great scientific capabilities of NPO SPARC and long-term experience of helicopter overhaul at the production facilities of SPARC Aviation Repair Company enable us to generate ideas and solutions which results can be widely used in different areas of the industry.

Today, SPARC is the leader of aviation repair production, an exhibit of advanced experience, and a generator of new projects. It is a high-growing, dynamic and multi-purpose structure that actively works both in the Russian and foreign aviation markets.

SPARC, AO and NPO SPARC, AO are always ready for mutual cooperation with all the partners who operate Russian helicopters.

Chairman of the SPARC Board

Yu.A. Borisov

Saint Petersburg Aviation Repair Company (SPARC) is one of the largest enterprises to repair Russian-made, and is able to implement a project of any complexity.

The history of our aviation repair company dates back more than 85 years. Since the establishment, we have gained a great production experience and become very famous both in Russia and abroad.

Today, all our work is primarily directed towards the quality improvement and reduction of the timeframe for the maintenance and overhaul of Russian-made helicopters. SPARC has highly qualified personnel, all the required production resources and expertise. This is why the company is in constant development and keeps opening new directions of its activity.

The key point of SPARC is to offer a complete set of services to maintain airworthiness of Russian-made aviation engineering – the services that fully comply with customer’s specifications.

Director General of SPARC AO

S.M. Artsyman

Due to increase in scope of the works that were not primary for a typical aviation repair enterprise, NPO SPARC, AO were removed from the SPARC, AO structure in 2007.

NPO SPARC was been established on the basis of the oldest aviation repair company SPARC, and within our 10-year life we steadily take our position among the leaders in the sphere of aviation training, research and production of ground test equipment for scheduled maintenance of the Russian-made aviation engineering.

One of the key success factors is properly selected team formed of highly qualified aviation specialists: process engineers, software engineers, electronics engineers, and engineering practitioners for maintenance and repair of aviation equipment. Many of them have academic degrees of the Doctors and Candidates of Science.

The main indicator of the results of the work of our enterprise is feedbacks of the operators of the Russian-made aviation engineering and expanding number of new customers. The list of our customers were not such an impressive one without the concentration on a pursuit to complete the wishes of each customer as much as possible. NPO SPARC offers its customers an integrated solution to the issues of maintenance and overhaul of helicopters, as well as а maintenance of high professional level of aviation specialists; this enables a customer to operate always-serviceable aviation engineering ready to complete any assigned mission.

Director General of NPO SPARC, AO

P.N. Rybkin