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SPARC, AO is one of the Russia’s oldest aviation repair enterprises. During many years of its history, it passed a long way from primitive workshops to a great repair company having the up-to-date equipment and highly qualified personnel.

The Aviation Repair Facility of Civil Aviation started its independent operation in August 15, 1931. The date of birth of the Facility is the point of departure in the history of the plant, that then has been transformed into the 21st Aviation Repair Plant, and then into Saint Petersburg Aviation Repair Company AO.

Until 1959, the enterprise had been dealing with a repair of light-weight fixed wing aircraft and their engines, construction of new LK-1 and ASK (Amphibia of Northern Region) test aircraft, and series production of amphibious aircraft.

As far back as 1958, the enterprise completed an active preparation for repair of helicopters and, in the next year, its shops returned into air 48 Mi-4 type helicopters made by Moscow Mil Helicopter Design Bureau. The work with helicopters of this model had lasted as much as 27 years until 1985. During this period, the plant workers had restored 2510 helicopters, i.e. up to 76% of the total number of the constructed Mi-4. Also, the workers had been repairing two models of Kamov Design Bureau helicopters. They started to get familiar with the helicopters in 1959, and in 1960 they restored by one of the Ka-15 and Ka-18 helicopters.

In 1968, we got familiar with repair of the Mi-8 series helicopters and since then we have repaired over 8000 helicopters of Mi-8/Mi-17 type and their modifications (total number of the produced helicopters of this type is 15,000 items).

In 1993 during the privatization, the enterprise was transformed into an open joint-stock company.

Recently, SPARC, AO is a Russia’s leading enterprise to provide both Russian and foreign customers with overhaul and upgrade the Mi-8/Mi-17 type helicopters of all modifications, as well as overhaul and upgrade of the Ka-27 and Ka-32 helicopters.

SPARC, AO offers its customers a complete range of the services to support the operation of helicopters, as follows:

- overhaul of helicopters and their components

- upgrade and installation of additional equipment

- maintenance of helicopters

- furnishing of VIP cabins

- delivery of spare parts, consumables and special equipment

- overhaul and maintenance of helicopters by sending on-site teams to a customer’s facility

- establishment of MRO facilities for the Mi-8/Mi-17 type helicopters.

Annually the enterprise repairs more than 70 Mi-8/Mi-17 and Ka-32 helicopters of different modifications.

In 2007, due to increase in scope of the works that were not primary for a typical aviation repair enterprise, NPO SPARC, AO were established. It included the Aviation Training Center that had been providing training and refresher training of aviation specialists since 1998. Since then, over 15,000 students from Russia and many other countries had passes training and refresher training at the Training Center of NPO SPARC, AO.

The Center offers the students the classrooms fitted with up-to-date equipment, technical archive and library, a briefing room, computer-aided training places with software for theoretical training, and video films. It also has a simulator facility that includes simulators of helicopter primary functional systems, a procedure navigation simulator, and integrated Mi-8MTV helicopter simulator. The classes are held in Russian, English, French, and Spanish.

NPO SPARC, AO also deals with research and production of test benches and new-generation systems designed to check and test equipment, units and assemblies of aviation engineering of any purpose (we have completed delivery to 12 countries).

Customers of over 60 airline companies from 30 countries employ the services of SPARC, AO and NPO SPARC, AO. Today, the company is a high-growing, dynamic and multi-purpose structure that actively works both in the Russian and foreign aviation markets. It is ready for cooperation with all partners who operate Russian helicopters.